Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Adult eyes only


An adult movie cinema promises enticing escapades for paying patrons found tucked in the bustling shops and stalls in Dagupan City, Philippines. Everywhere sex sells, even in the streets where counterfeit VCD peddlers openly display the latest selection of adult themed movies and the crowds are seen selecting their fancies. It is often amusing to see even here in Malaysia walking by and minding your own business that you can be approached by peddlers on the streets of Kota Kinabalu asking the question, "Bang mau panas ka? Ada banyak sini mai" (Bro, you want something hot? Lots of selection here for you to choose from). It is amazing the ways these porn traders are finding to curb the restrictions authorities place on them, everything from mobile selling units where once permanent stalls were the norm to elaborate courier services that promises anonymous delivery of the contraband right to your doorsteps.


Lucia Lai said...

i was in philippine once and yes i notice everywhere sex sells. it's a shame, isn't it, to think philippine is the most catholic country, having about what... 90%?... of its citizens as catholics, yet, it is a country fill with sex.

Adam said...

It's all about demand and supply and to reply to Lucia, poverty too.

bayi said...

Playboy is legally available in the Philippines. :)

Kervin said...

lucia lai: True for a catholic majority country sex is all too prevalent, in advertising, in the streets and in films, though its also fair to say that this may be true in most part of the world.

adam: poverty is one reason but desire and human nature is another, sex sells, even Hollywood knows that and plays it up. It's one business that is always present.

bayi: Hi long time no see! Miss you haha. Yeah I know so are other publications with nudity, compromising shots and sex tips. Saw various editions of Playboy the Philippines edition being sold on campus at the University of the Philippines, won't that be a sight if it happened in Malaysia.