Monday, September 26, 2005

Blissful Sleep


In the hustle and bustle cacophony of the weekly tamu (market) at Gaya Street, this little kid still find the inner solace and peace to fall asleep in the arms of his father. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 2005.


Lucia Lai said...

wahhh! so cute!!!

kervin you should give us more photos of babies or toddlers. i love seeing them on pictures. apart from beautiful sceneries, i like to put pictures of babies/toddlers as my wallpaper/poster on office desk-space.

Lucia Lai said...

oh i just noticed the cigarette in the father's hand. that's bad. real bad. exposing such a young baby to cigarette smoke. *sigh* what to do... none of my business but i just kaypo want to speak up since i'm anti-smoking. :)

5xmom said...

So cute and blissful.

But I so wanna smack the hand of the smoker. :)

Kervin said...

lucia lai: Yeah i know that's why the photo attracted me a lot the contrast of the care he holds his child and the callousness he lights the smoke so near his child. But you can't change people, I'm a non-smoker myself.

5xmom: You and me both, but i malu lah leave that to you;)

percolator said...

Great photo, kervin! 'Contrast of care... and callousness' This photo composed itself eh?

It tells me a story of a tough and hard life - raising a child while eeking out a living, and indulging in one of the few 'pleasures' of life.

I'm as anti-smokes as any ex-smoker can get (which is worse than a non-smoker, mind you) yet I see how it can be so easy to tell yourself, "Life is truly hard, there are so few pleasures to be had, grab em while you can'