Sunday, September 25, 2005

A night out in town

Undoubtedly, it is nice to be coming home after a 7 month hiatus, it’s been too long away from home. Friday came and gone with a hectic pace, Laura was rushing to finish her proposal to be submitted in to the post graduate office after only finding out only on Monday that the dateline was within the week. She’s finishing her temporary stint at the Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary on the day I’m leaving so didn’t have much time to say goodbye itself on that day. So that night we decided to go on a nice date, we had the car for the day and thus we hit the town.

There technically isn’t much to do in Kota Kinabalu in the evenings, but a movie is always a good call seeing that only this week something nice came out to watch instead of all the horror movies and low grade films that were permeating the local cinema circuit these past few weeks. So we bought two tickets to watch ‘the Myth’.

Of all days it started to rain again today, winds were as sheer force as the previous week though the weekdays the weather was scorching hot. At least we were nicely tucked within the cinema with a box of popcorn and Cola. Dinner we had at ‘UpperStar’ Bar and Grill near the Kota Kinabalu Hyatt. The place was newly remodeled with the addition of a second storey recently and I must say they were doing a nice job with the décor and setting. We took a two seater in the upper floor with a view of the darken ocean and bustling streets. The rain was falling in a slow drip and the air was for one cooling. We had an order of the house specialties, Laura went with the Fish and Chips while I settled for their excellent Lamb Chops marinated in black pepper sauce. One thing I liked about UpperStar is the great service and affordable prices, the place isn’t too rowdy as with other bars and the ambiance is more akin to a diner than a dank bar, music is slow and easy and the television isn’t on full blast to drone out any modicum of conversation.

It was nice to be able to splurge a bit since my monthly pay was just made available the day before and it’s been a while since the both of us had any real time to spend on a romantic stint outside besides the usual dinner at the economy rice stall. Still we had a long day and the next we both have full schedules, she conducting three session of environmental education for work and me a full day traveling from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan so we has an early turn in, though I still haven’t packed fully my luggage even as I’m flying tomorrow.


Adrian said...

ooh... Upperstar. I miss that place! Its real nice, yeah. Nice food, cheap drinks. Nice place to get semi-stoned before hitting the club across d street!!!

Kervin said...

adrian: It's still good but other places catering to divers as well now, Hunter's bar at Daya giving beer bucket promo to divers haha.