Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Job opportunity available for marine biologist

Today I had a surprise when a former colleague SMSed me with a notice that there was a job opening for a marine biologist in a multinational corporation (MNC) that is hiring. Though i would've jumped directly at such an opportunity I'm currently in the middle of my masters and so I'm giving this opening to anyone interested to take up the offer. This is quite timely since the present batch of Marine Science students from UMS has just recently concluded their convocation and must surely be looking for positions in the workforce. Think of it as me giving a helping hand in the right direction. The details for the job is as such;

Position: Marine Biologist

Company: CH2M Hill

Specialises: Environmental consultancy

Requirements: No special skills or requirements needed, fresh graduates recommended to apply, working experience and skills in the field would be a plus, please have a CV ready

Enquire: Send an email to me at and I will answer any questions and enquiries that need be.

Since jobs relating to the course is not easy to find, I know many that do not follow through with their field of study in university, this is a golden opportunity for anyone wishing to remain in the field and find interests in such a job. I do hope you all take a serious interest in the offer and reply quickly since with the current job market vacancies are hard to come by and there are many applicants out there willing to jostle for it. I'm giving priority to those from the current batch of marine science students but anyone else out there is welcome, I won't guarantee you'll get the job since there will be other applicants but if you're good enough and willing to try please do. I don't have your individual contact information and thus the reason for publishing it on my blog, if anyone catches whiff of this please do help spread the word. Thanks.

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