Friday, October 21, 2005

Painted Jeepney


One of the cheapest and most frequent form of transportation you will find in the Philippines will be the jeepney, it can be seen at every corner, parked at every curb and seen streaming through rush hour traffic with passangers tucked to the brim. The most striking feature of the jeepney must be their customability, every jeepney owner gives their beloved a personal touch with spray paints, designs, bonet decor, bells, reflectors, anything you name it they can be seen on the countless jeepneys, a testimonial to self expression and creativity. Patar Beach, Bolinao, Philippines.


narrowband said...

Right. I see it as the trishaw of Bolehland!

Alex Allied said...

very nice photo blog. photos nicely taken.

Kervin said...

narrowband: Mmm never rode on a trishaw before, must remind myself to try it one day

alex allied: Thanks for dropping by :D

Lucia Lai said...

trishaw? i rather see it as the mini bus of bolehland... at least of those in penang.

10 years ago i was in philippine and i had ride in the jeepneys before and i notice they were quite terrible... beating the traffic lights, stopping anywhere they like - just like our (penang) mini buses!

yes i saw many colourful with lovely design jeepneys too.

kervin, you have not taken the trishaw before? you should! when you go to melaka or penang. come to penang, and we'll both take the trishaw jalan jalan down town! :)

Kervin said...

lucia: Mmm yeah more akin to mini buses but even more so, riding one in Manila traffic sure is one hell of a ride haha not to mention taking one on a 6 hour ride from one town to another. Well I'll be sure to have you in mind when I'm down Penang and we can go kai-kai together in one and you show me the sights or even better the eats ;)