Friday, October 21, 2005

Visiting Kuantan: Pandan Waterfalls


This little gem often goes unnoticed by those none too familiar with it as the only sign showing where to go is a small one indeed and could often be overlooked. The journey there too isn’t too well marked, requiring several turn ins and later traveling through a stretch of quarry grounds before hitting the recreation area. Yet the often hard journey there is rewarded with the pleasure of sampling one of Kuantan’s most enticing destinations, the Pandan Waterfall. Situated off the Kuantan-Gambang road and within Felda Panching, it requires a drive of 25km from town and is reachable within half an hour.


50 hectares of rainforest reserve, a 100 meters high waterfall cascade and cooling streams will greet visitors upon arrival. Recent months have seen better facilities being prepared to accommodate visitors like an expanded parking lit, walkways, rest areas, stalls selling food and drinks and bath houses. One has to disembark from the parking lot and walk a few distance through the trail snaking though the riverside. Clear water meandering lazily after the initial falls and lush greenery offers a nice picnic or rest stop for anyone appreciative of nature. Walking further, a short climb along dirt paths by the side of the river will bring you to the cataract areas where rocky beds causes the water flow to form miniature cascades and often people can be seen lying there and enjoying the flow, water pools often collect in between rocky depressions and people can be spotted playing and dipping to cool off. A little while later you’ll find yourself looking up at the imposing falls, water gushing down in torrents in multiple streams to the sandy pool below. The water is shallow and is safe for kids to paddle in or adults to place themselves below the cascades and enjoy a beating. A wooden hanging bridge spanning the Pandan river offer those walking across a lovely view of the entire expense of the falls and also beautiful photo opportunity for those inclined. Weekend getaway, relaxing dip, rest and relaxation all can be found here in what may be a slice of paradise.



simon said...

yep, dat's the most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia, imho... check out my pic...

Kervin said...

Simon: I read your entry previously when you wrote it, agree that it could be one of the most beautiful waterfalls there is in Malaysia.