Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The IPMB Cats


Our resident pussy cat and her new litter of kittens seen here nursing, cute little bunch of furballs I must add, Sabah, 2005.


Neefer said...

I know how that mother feels.

Anonymous said...

Very cute dear :3 I wonder how many will migrate out of there?

p.s. update your wish list :3

orange said...

cute pix! :-)
interesting tails

orange said...

cute pic! :-)
interesting tails!

Kervin said...

neefer: Proud, tired and sucked dry? ;D

anonymous: The whole lot got adopted but two decided life here easier so came back, free fish from the aquaculture ponds hehe

orange: Yeah all had this little stumpy tails seems easily inherited by her brood.