Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lady's Christmas Treat

Adrian banked in some cash to give Lady a nice treat for Christmas so for his contentment here are a few of the stuff I bought for her to enjoy this festive season;


A huge meal (as if she doesn't get enough from all those who are seduced by her puppy dog eyes already as it is) consisting of two different types of canned dog food, chunky bits and blended mush, a healthy portion of dog biscuits and a gigantic raw hide bone for afters. All served in a new gigantic dish that is sure to sate her taste.


Here Lady is busy tucking into her chow and disregards the photographer taking her pic.


Less than a minute later she is all done and licks her lips in sated pleasure, sigh oh well there goes nearly RM50 in treats gone in a blink, bad dog!

1 comment:

kuok sum said...

Wow... She looked really big there... sigh... Now i am a little scared...