Monday, November 27, 2006

Moving and Moving and Moving.......

Dang its been a busy week, it seems like an endless haul of packing and unpacking, cleaning and arranging. Seriously thought I had a week at least in Kuantan with nothing to do but eat and sleep but with my sister having a last minute briefing for her American degree programme at UiTM today means I had to high tail it here to KL pronto, a few days before my previous schedule. Hardly have I settled arranging all my excess stuff in my Kuantan room, I found myself repacking essentials to my new apartment in KL and upon reaching here today was in for a long cleaning spree and several major rework since a few of the ammenities were not working and a giant hole in the master bathroom was spewing water for like the past six months of my uncle's absence from the place. Oh yeah to all those i know,


I've only been here for the past few days and I've gotten sick of the long drives and jams but heck it's part and parcel of life here in the city, who'd thought driving through and fro from Damansara to Serdang can make you this tired. New car, new apartment, lots of debts to pay off, new job, well seems like I'm on my way to join the rat race. Looking forward to the challenge and new experience but also prepared for the stress, long hours and headaches accompanying a paycheck. My hands are twitching from the lack of an internet access, and it'll be a while before I can get a Streamyx line up and running. Well to my acquaintences if you're free do come over and visit. PS heck no way I'm posting my address here online, if you know me you know how to get in touch.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, and all the best! :)