Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tolls are Going up Woe is Woe

It seems like my timing to shift to KL and start work is being hit with an extremely hard handicap, with our illustrious Samy 'Toll is Gold' Vellu anouncing that 5 highways would most likely see a toll increase (and when has it never not rise once he said that) and affecting me since most of those announced will be used by me especially the East Coast Expressway and Kerinchi Link. Man its not even my first pay check that recently Syabas increase water rates to the Klang Valley and now toll rates is going up, I'm just waiting for the fuel price to notch up a mark again (it is always the case that any increase is quickly implemented and a decrease never results in a reverse in price since we are constantly reminded that we are still being subsidized). Well thats the cost of living, somehow hopefully I'll manage to balance the first month's budget and at least have some savings left over.

The new place is nice, a bit far off from the mainstream since its in Putra Indah Serdang near the Palace of the Golden Horses but somehow I like it, its not as dense as some of the new development in Damansara with cars jostling to book parking spaces on the roadside but the downside is that the jam here is a bit long at times with only a single entrance and exit out to the Seremban Highway and with a lack of eating places at night. The bank is near though so that is a nice addition. Well adjusting to life here, after days of ferrying my sis from her campus in Shah Alam to here as well as countless return trips to fetch my aunts from Bandar Utama I'm getting phobic of driving, I can't believe I only managed to rake up 400 km of mileage in Kuantan in a month but the count jumped to its current 1.2K mark in under 3 days. After dropping my dad off at Puduraya I'm going to cloister myself and not drive out for a while, man never knew petrol prices were such killer shudder.

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