Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sabah Craft - Basket Anyaman


Fitting the dried pandan strips along a rattan spine.

Anyaman is the art of weaving using dried pandanus (pine) leaves and rattan. Several areas in Sabah are famed for their basket weave products and these can be seen sold at various locations such as the tamus or shopping centers. several different forms of weave exists, the most common is the basket with a close top, others include cylindrical holders for storing items, flat baskets and many others. The dried leaves of the pine is stripped into long strips and from here the craftman would slowly weave them in several combinations to for the various parts of the product. The final craft can be varied, consisting of such products as baskets, urns, vases and containers of all shapes and sizes.


Closeup of the basket base with its intricate patterns.


The finished product for buyers to admire.

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