Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dreaming of a Loooonnnggg Holiday Abroad

Sigh its near Christmas and there's so much work. Today I had to pull in an extra shift after a heated talking to by the boss about meeting datelines. Ended me and three colleagues were in the office today and working away to get the report ready before Monday since I'll be headed to Kelantan on Monday for a workshop. My friends were all talking about the places they were headed to, several colleagues were saying they're going down Singapore for Christmas, haven't been there in 5 years myself. Another said they were going to enjoy the cool breeze of Cameron Highland (if there is still such a thing). My cousin just went to Langkawi for the weekend and the more well to do are abroad, including an aunt and cousin who got a great discount deal for their company end year trip to Chiangmai.

What would really hit the spot would be to head off somewhere far far away, something new, something different, something more exotic. Like the old grandeur of Europe, metropolitan scene in the Americas, having scones and English tea in the UK, anything. Planning a trip can be hell, some people like the pre planned trips where the sales agent does everything for you and they are just swept along for the ride, no hassle no fuss. the more adventerous rather take the road less travelled, book a flight, check out prices of hotels online for bargains, hop on with a suitcase of luggage and a trusty guidebook and the road is wide open for adventure. Either way, one does have to find out about things like prices, destinations, hotels, restaurants, places to visit, car rentals or even maybe 'time sharing', shudder.

Well some people say you can't trust all you read online, sometime you r dream vacation might end up being next Friday's 'Midnight Horror Theater', crummy inns, bad food, bad tickets, missed connecting flights etc. Times like these you'd wish you had a reliable all in one site to go and review and plan your holidays. For Europe and America looks like the perfect portal to go to when planning a trip to the west. Offering everything in on site like holiday comparisons, hotel price list, cruises, car rentals in various different major cities. Looking to take a cruise to the Carribean? Check out the site, and maybe even plan a shopping trip along your island stops. Fretting about flight schedules and room rentals? Check on the vacation planner and make sure everything is all smooth. The site lists various destinations, availability throughout the year and even allow you to compare prices and shop for bargains.

Since I haven't been anywhere in Europe, may be a useful guide to see what's good to visit and maybe even plan my future honeymoon, I always wanted to be in Rome, the culture, people, sights, history and sheer exoticness of being there. My sister is even going to the USA for her studies, maybe I can grab a bargain when she has her convocation in the near future. Else I'd visit France like my friend recently and get a vibrator, can't find those here, no sir. So go ahead and take a look at the site and see for yourself and get some helpful tips on travelling in the western hemisphere and maybe in the process grab some good bargains on a budget or splurge if you have the extra cash to burn. Mmm they have a worldwide phone number, wonder if I made a call will they be more helpful then some of the idiots I've encountered when asking about a destination, most probably anyone will be better than those.

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