Sunday, December 17, 2006

December Kids

It's funny when I was in my school years (primary to secondary and even through junior college), being a December kid felt a bit lonely. Somehow most of the people I met didn't really fall into the December Birthday group. You often see kids celebrating at school with their cake and present giving and classes just halt for their sake. December is a school holiday month so I never really had the chance to experience something like that, having a large party with all your friend invited, not to think that during primary school the real close friends I had can only be counted on my two hands. It was always at home and celebrating with my family, usually with a dinner somewhere out at a fancy eating place. Maybe it feels a little bit sad that I didn't have those close to me just celebrating with me to the point that Birthdays didn't really matter much to me, its just another day, another year, and life goes on.

Things really perked up when I entered university. The chance and fated (to me at least) meeting with my future roomate was to be a really momentous and cherish moment in my life. Seriously I have not met with someone that I can truly relate to and that accepts me for who I am faults and all, although at times contemptly. Its even more memorable at the way we met. Barely shifted into me new dorm, I found that he has left and not to return till way past in the afternoon and he left the room door locked and me without a key. I had to set up my bed in the hallway to my chagrin and wait for him with all my luggage beside me. When he finally came, somehow we just clicked, he was friendly, a bit brutish I admit but warm and helpful. That night we found we shared more interests and points of commonality than either of us thought. Both of us are avid computer gamers though we prefer different genre, we are both fans of novels by AD&D and Forgotten Realms not to mention other more serious non fiction writings and best of all we could not believe the fact that we shared the same birthday, to the point we had to whisk out our identity cards to double check. Those were great times, even till now.

As I was saying, suddenly I found many people who were celebrating in December. Plus since December is usually still term for university we often celebrated together since we can't go back to Peninsular. There were great parties, we threw one for our 21st, boozing in Labuan and the next we had a large cook in with tons of food and invited everyone we knew. My cousins too in fact share this month of birth, us all several days apart. Not to mention I just found out that my colleague also just celebrated her birthday last week.

Well to all you December kids, Happy Birthday. In no apparent order let me wish everyone a very happy birthday whereever you are and many celebrations to you all.

Mun Yew
Adrian King
Lii T'san
Kin Voon
Choy Vun
Zun Wei

Don't expect me to get you all present else I go pokai! But you all have my best wishes on your day.

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