Sunday, December 17, 2006

Off to Kelantan

I'll be flying off to Kelantan tomorrow, so not much posts till I'm back on Wednesday. Attending a working group there concerning hydrology. It's going to be my first time in the land of PAS, seriously wonder if things there are as different as some say but I think it won't be, except for the segegrated crowds, swimming pools for each sex, cinemas with lights on during movie, sanitized snooker halls, fines for indecent dressed women. I'll go and have a first person view and give my judgment when I land. At least the job has perks of being able to travel to place I would never ever have thought to set foot in.

Oh yeah today attended the 9th KL Flicker's Meetup at Izzi. Had a blast but since I'm pooped with rushing to work on weekends and preparations for the upcoming trip the buzz will have to wait for a while and also for the pictures upload. One good note, I managed to get a look at the Pixart photo books and they were great. Better news, my entry for the photo swap contest won second of two prizes giveaway and I got myself a free Pixart compact photo books, something I wanted to try out a while ago but was unsure of. Can't wait for the next meetup, great people, and it's tru.... crazy things happen when you have a whole room full of avid photographers.

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