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A Christmas Play Act 3 - The Story Of Jesus Part 1


Mary sat alone thinking of having a child of her own.

The Christmas play continues by entering the third act, the Christmas Nativity. The first part was the birth of Jesus begining with Mary's story of how she received the Holy spirit. Mary always longed for a child but had never consumated with her husband Joseph the carpenter. She longed for a child and often contemplated on this fact.


Mary laments on her plight but never thought that her pleas were to be heard by one of the Heavenly hosts.

Her wishes were not in vain because somewhere nearby an angel heard her pleas. This was the archangel Gabriel who then proceeded to reveal herself to Mary and brought her news of great proportion that was to change her life and fulfill her wishes beyond her very imagination.


The Archangel Gabriel reveals to Mary the revelation that she was to borne the child of God.

The Angel appeared to Mary who was shocked but soon was filled with calm as she realised who was standing in front of her. The angel told Mary that she was to have a child. Mary was surprised for there was no way that she could be pregnant and did not believe what the angel fortold. The angel once again told her that it was true and the child was to be no ordinary child but the child of God, a gift to mankind, the saviour that will lead all to salvation.


Mary stood by the angel and felt the presence of the Lord by her.

Again Mary was not sure whether to believe this but suddenly she felt a calm come over her and felt the presence of the Lord enter her and she knew for sure that the words that the angel spoke were true and she was to be the mother to humanity's saviour.


The angel herald the coming of the son of Man who now resides within Mary.

Mary was overjoyed and felt the happiest she could be for not only was her wish to have a child been granted, she would also give birth to the son of Man. Both mary and the angel sung out in joy to sing praises to the Lord and to thank him for this miracle.



Mary offers a prayer to the Lord.

But then Mary suddenly realise that it would be hard to explain to Joseph what had transpired today and that he would reject her. A sadness gre upon her but then the angel assured her to stay strong and pray to the Lord and that things will work out for the best. And so Mary went down on her knees and prayed.

End of Act 3 Part 1

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