Monday, March 12, 2007

Mini Flickr Meetup - TTDI Park


Camping out in what little shade there was while waiting for everyone to gather.

The Flickr group was up to its antics again this time thanks to Cuddly and Family. Not one of the usual monthly meetups, the show of hands was quite a number for this one at TTDI Park. As usual the goal was just a friendly get together with avid photographers doing what they do best, snapping away at anything that tickles their fancy and the day was just splendid for a shoot, especially since Cuddly brought her entire brood along. Surprising even when we arrive at around 9, the sun was already out in full blast and was threatening to become a scorcher.


Marwan, Harris's little kid.

Of course today one of the main shoots were on the kids and what a bunch they were. I always like taking picture of kids, they are never as camera shy as some of the adults out there that just gives you a stare that could freeze your blood as you point your camera at them, kids they are always amicable and not afraid to show the various different sides of their personality, playful, naughty, incourageable, carefree, innocent and much more. So with Cuddly's 3 kids, Joshua, Jamie and Keanan as well as Marwan, Harris's little darling it was a bundle of fun there at the park.


Johan brought over his reflector for some portrait shots for the meetup

It's always a pleasure when Johan and gang are there, there is never a single dull moment about in their presence. Johan even brought along his reflector for portraiture shots today for everyone's benefit. This is the first time I've been here and to find such a great green space in the middle of the hustle and bustle of KL is just amazing. I have heard of it but never thought it was this nice, perfect for joggers, walkers, skaters and just generally anyone. I seriously have to tell more people about it.


Unwitting model for photogs


Joshua and Jamie



This scene just begs to be captioned and I'm sure many creative souls out there can come up with some preety serious dialogues.

We all gathered at the waterfall area while awaiting some of the others to arrive. Meanwhile none of us wasted much time in photographing Cuddly's kids especially of Joshua and Jamie who were sporting about it and even breaking into poses though at first they were a bit shy. As with Johan sometime it harder to imagine which is the bigger kid, Cuddly's or Johan himself as he just spews with ethuism and just keep on going and going and going as if perpetually on adrenaline.


I am the Sun God RA!


Joshua in hyper mode


Joshua again

The place was great for a shoot, I even spotted a couple of wedding party going about having their wedding pictures taken here so it must be a popular spot. The meandering streams, large lakes, greenery lined paths, exercise areas and idylic spots for resting just makes it so beautiful to be here. The boys were having a ball running about the greens and splashing on the shallow river amidst reeds and shrubs.


A nice group moment with Shafina and the kids


Johan's tips on external flash photography really gave amazing results.


I like Johan, this must be the umpth time I'm saying this. He's never shy to help out an amateur photographer whereas others might just brush you off. He brings alongs tons of lenses and freely lets people try them out and he takes the greatest shots you've seen. A session with him explaining on flash photography got me some great results, some of which I never knew my camera had the capacity to achieve.


Kenmin 'wet' his pants, after he slipped and fell into the small stream. Life is never boring when he's around, things seems just to happen.

Kenmin is another one of those people that anything that can happen, will. After the scene with his motorbike breaking down on his way to Thaipusam, today while walking he somehow manages to slip and fall into the side of the lake and got himself soaked. Luckily his camera which shared his fate was protected by the bag and wasn't damaged but we all had quite the laugh at how it could've happened. Johan suggested a group photo and somehow managed to suggest everyone lie on the grass for a group shot. In the end all the girls were on their backs on the wet grass but the guys chickened out. Still it was a great shots and we had a ball. Sadly I couldn't make it to join them for lunch since I had an appointment to have my car fixed so I had to be farewell to the lot. Well there's always the 12th anniversary KL FLickr bash coming this 24th March and I can't wait for it.


Laughing out loud


The girls were more of a sport when Johan suggested everyone get down on the grass for a shot. P.s. still wondering why so many people touching their chins in this shot, explanaition from you gals?


Head shot of the gals. P.s. I call this joining of minds. All also slumber here hehe.


Lia and kid


Kenmin having oodles of fun trying out this little cam

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