Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Syberia 2 Mania for Pocket PC

Syberia has always been one of the better adventure games out there combining quarky automatons and industrial age era design styles and witty characters that make it worthwhile to explore the intricate locations fleshed out in great detail in the game. The first two games appeared in PC format and now it is available for the Pocket PC as well for gamers to enjoy with Syberia 2.

Kate Walker is an interesting protoganist, she was suppose to look for Hans Voralberg for an inheritance claim in the first game. After visiting this eccentric genious, who has a knack of making the most wonderful mechanical gadgets, including a talking train conductor, a megalomaniac Russian factory robot and many others, Kate gets even more entangled in his world as she travels in search of Hans' dream. Syberia two, the sequel to a satisfying original game, finally brings their quest to a conclusion and gamers would finally learn what all the intrigue was about in the end.

The storyline while linear is never boring and the well fleshed out vistas that represents each stopover in her train journey are as exotic as any. The premis of the story is loosely based on a fictional stone age culture who worships the mammoth, which for Hans has been an obsession since his early childhood when he found a mammoth toy in a cave. Kate soon gets enmesh and their goal leads them to find if this was ever true or not. Graphic wise it is great as none of the translation into the Pocket PC seem to have lost the richness as the PC version and should be a great point for gamers. In fact it must be one of the best graphic seen on the Pocket PC up to now.

If you have played the first game then this follow up is a must if you ever wish to know the ending. For newbies, there is enough back story conveyed along the way to enable you to follow the game without actually playing the first, though you'd be sore to miss out on it was great as well. Go get it now

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