Monday, April 23, 2007

Flickr Trip to Melaka - Countdown 5 Days


Tourists walking near the historic Red Square where the Dutch Administration for Melaka was centered inside the walled city of A Famosa. In the background is Christ Church and the Stadhuys.

It's been ages since I was in Melaka and I'm all excited to be there. Despite all the bad things that I've heard about how the historical city has fallen due to over commercialisation, bad conservation practices (case in point is our idiotic scheme to put a giant keris tower near the historic red square) and falling standards I still had plenty of great time in the past there. I seriously hope it hasn't changed until in disrepair. Anyway friends have been telling me of all the great food to be had there, satay celup, cendol, chicken rice ball etc. Dang there's goes my weight. Well It's coming this Saturday so....

5 Days till Flickr trip to Melaka.

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