Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fruit Art


During the recent Florathon at Padang Merdeka for the Flora Fest. There were several participants who were demonstrating at the nearby booths. One of the shows was that of a fruit carving demonstration and from the photo it can be seen that the person was rightly skillfull in turning the melon into an intricately patterned work of art, too good to be eaten in fact. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2007.


maria said...

The fruit art is great!and as you said, it's too good to be eaten. Where is Padang Merdeka, actually?

Wise artist said...

Its really beautiful. And the person is carving very wisely. It shows his wise experience in his creativity. One side I can clearly see one side sunflower and one side rose. I always like fruits and vegetables. And if someone can present them in this way is just awesome. I remember one of beautiful wise quotes - God loves artists and creativity. May God bless you with more creativity and wisdom.