Friday, April 06, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth Indeed

I had the privilage of watching the documentary recently and it struck me deeply, both for the startling revelation that the contents have shown as well as how an almost President of the United States of America could present a case in which his entire country would not wake up to the reality of and does it with flair.

Everyone has heard of global warming, we hear it everyday in the papers, through the television, in formal lessons, from the kopitiam talk to your next door neighbour. It is a fact that such a global phenomenon is occuring and that we in our generation will feel its effect sooner than later. As mentioned sceptics have always tried to push away the issue as merely a theory and not hard facts yet various experts and acknowledged scientists have come out with incontroversible findings to indicate we are having a problem.

I will not talk in length on the issue as many of us know about it but instead focus on how the documentary, an inconvenient truth packages the issue to be easily understandable by anyone watching it. The contents are presented without all the confusing jargons, scientific lingo and doublespeak you'd expect to come out of some quarters. It goes about explaining it in brief and simple context, using the media and analogies interleafed with hard data to put forward the point.

Well it helps that Al Gore as the presenter is very well verse in oratory skills and presents all these in convincing and approachable means to an audience that can be from a variety of background, yet all have a stake in what the message is trying to put through. The documentary will be an eye opener to some on the extent on how global warming had already progressed thus far, it will shock some into either pushing it issue aside because of its dire consequences and other, we hope, to finally take steps into addressing it.

Some may say this is an extremely well made PR show for an almost President to a potential future President of the USA, but hey if he talks this well and would champion this issue even I'm compelled to vote for old Al (even more so after the bungle Bush has made of the country). Intersped in between are inserts on his own life and trials, from his youth to his cheated presidency and somehow it all relates and blends well into the overall composition. Yet irrespective of what he intends for the documentary to benefit which party, at least there is someone who is willing to take up the cause and that with Al Gore lending his voice to the issue, some of his fellow countrymen and even the rest of the world would start to listen. Heck i wish that some of our local politican could give a speech as well as him instead of the brawling style they are accustomed to in the Dewan Rakyat.

That said, I believe this a highly recommended documentary to view. If you have just heard of global warming as a by-word, watch it and you'll be amazed, if you know about it, it may shock you with facts that you never thought possible. If you think you're an expert on the subject, watch it and maybe you can learn a bit on how to bring forth the issue to a wider audience to forward the message. No matter the reason, I believe its one documentary no one should miss as it is an issue that concerns us all and our planet.

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Gallivanter said...

I thought it was a good documentary. An eye-opener for sure, so much so that I've decided to switch my car to a Toyota/Honda next year. :-P