Sunday, May 13, 2007

Peranakan Restaurant


The carved entrance once you walk in to the Peranakan Restaurant

The Peranakan Restaurant was like a slice out of time, beautifully preservedm functionally aesthetic and ozzes old worm charm while serving some of the best Baba Nyonya food one can find. Setting foot inside you'll find yourself immersed in the beautiful decor for the restaurant styles itself in the traditional Baba abode. Antique furniture line every corner from old teak wood furniture with mother of pearl inlaid design, terracotta statues of lions, wood panelling, tiled floorings, even down to the cutlery and food wares that you'll be served with. Some of the unique features seen here include a porcelain fish style tap that is at the washbasin. It would come of naught if the decor is the only redeeming feauture of the place but thankfully this is not true as the food served will literally knock you out with its great taste and spiciness. On the menu include such fare as asam pedas fish, taugeh with salted fish, sambal eggplant, sweet sour prawns, ayam ponteh and others. Its location located within the central Melaka historical enclase is within walkig distance from most of the hotels and is just a stones throw away from Jonker Street. The price is also reasonable and is worth the trip to eat there.


Part of the antique decor at the Peranakan Restaurant


Details of the sedan chair at Peranakan Restaurant


Details of the interior of the Peranakan Restaurant


Carved character on the door signifying wheel (lun)


Unique fish tap at the Peranakan Restaurant


Interior of the Peranakan Restaurant


Lunch menu at the Peranakan Restaurant


Utensils and kitchen setup at the Peranakan Restaurant


The ornate staircase at Peranakan Restaurant


MÄ“beles said...

Love the brown antique furniture. I have some restored stuff like that. But I think this furniture would look much better in bright room, not like this dark one..

Anonymous said...

love that place - n that stairs ;)