Monday, May 14, 2007

Thanks You Nuffnag - 24th Pirates Premier Here I Come!

In was informed by Samantha that I was one of the 250 bloggers that managed to secure the tickets for the premier showing of Pirates of the Caribbean III: At Land's End to be screened at Cineleisure Damansara on the 24th. So thank you Nuffnag for organising this giveaway and also for the advertising you are promoting for local weblogs. From what it seems a lot of well known bloggers are also coming so its a chance to rub shoulders with them. Of course I'll see some of the at the BUM gathering on the 19th as well which I'm attending. Was wondering how many people will be dressing up as a pirate to the show to try for a chance to win the trip to Singapore. Anyway I'm sure I'm going to love this plus I've secured two tickets at that for the show. Will blog about what happened that night when its done with.

P.s. Ok ok I know the poster is for the second movie, so sue me. Couldn't google for the new poster hehe.


Anonymous said...

darnn i want one tickettttttttttttt ;p u have fun n post photos k


origor said...

Haa.. I think I'm gonna be there. C ya!