Sunday, September 16, 2007

Congratulations - Kien Chung and Yueh Li's Wedding




I have attended several weddings this past year but I guess that the ones involving people close to you are more evocative and closer to heart than those you know by association. I've missed several of my cousin's wedding due to the fact that I was away in Sabah and regretfully so. Sept 15 2007 was the exception. Kien Chung has been dating Yueh Li for nearly four years and there was no doubt that they would be wed to each other. I first saw them together as they appeared in our family gathering and she was introduced as Kien Chung's girlfriend. Though my interaction with Yuen Li were few due to the number of times we've met, I found her to be a cheerful, friendly and mild mannered person. The announcement was made early last year and preparations have been underway since then.

I've been a bit cynical of wedding and marital bliss, maybe that should not be. I have wondered if there ever was such a thing as a loving and happy marriage, through thick and through thin and ,each being faithful, loyal and loving till the end of their days. Maybe its from the number of failed marriages that I've seen, or personal family experiences. My parents were very lucky, they married and even today they are still in love, we do not have much but we make do and throughout each supported the other. If anything I wish my future marriage would be along the same lines. True there are no fairytale marriages, problems do and will occur and the strength of the marriage is how well both party can compromise and deal with whatever challenges comes up. Nowadays with divorce so easily obtained and people jumping in early without really knowing if they can handle a marriage or have the means to support a family, marriages seemed a bit diminished and tarnished.

But whatever the outcome, on this day, of a couple's wedding, all such thoughts are thrown out. I may seem a hopeless romantic but weddings are something special, it seems almost magical. The long months of planning and preparation culminating into this one day is all worth it in the end. From the morning ritual of groom greeting the bride and with the associated pranks and 'toll gates' set up by the bride's friends and falls upon his entourage to settle before he can meet his future wife to the church ceremony, luncheon and tea ceremony and finally the wedding dinner reception, it would somehow come out great and perfect.

We may not know where the road will take us but taking the first step together along it is surely a significant event. So congratulations Kien Chung and Yueh Li on your marriage and for the lovely ceremony carried out on that day. I hope and pray for you both that life will treat you both well and that your love for each other will not diminish, instead grow every day you are together.

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