Sunday, September 16, 2007

Before the Ceremony


Remember don't put in too many embarassing details when giving your speech okay?

The morning was marked by an exceptionally clear sky and the sun was just beginning turn intense. The function was scheduled for 1030 am on Sept 15 but we arrived early to a near empty church. Previously another weeding was just concluded and the other entourage was busy photographing outside and to my chagrin I met Anna outside who was covering her friend's wedding. The other relations slowly trickled in, most of the bride's side I haven't really met and most were new faces to me. My aunts and uncles soon arrived along with the bunch of my cousins. The contrast were quite stark as some were just wearing T-shirts and jeans to the ceremony and stood out sorely among the more refined suited guests. Kien Chung soon arrived with his friends and a whole entourage of photographers capturing the wedding. Most of us congratulated him but being his very own day he soon sprinted around to greet the other guests and ensure things are ready before the bride arrives. I was a bit disappointed that couldn't make it for his house calling to the bride's place and the usual penalty stunts to ensure his entourage had to do before being led to the bride.


Taking advantage of the lull before the ceremony begins to memorise the hymms and speech which he will present.

The St Xavier's Church was soon slowly filling up, each member took their respective seats with the bride's family to the left and the grooms to the right. At the front, Kien Chung parents were already seated as was Yueh Li's parents and grandparents. On the side, the band members were busy practicing and tuning their instruments to accompany the ceremony, at its helm was Adrian, another cousin of whom Kien Chung presided as one of the best man at his wedding. I've seen his playing and was sure that it would be as good as it was back when he serenaded his wife during their wedding earlier this year. The photogs were everywhere getting shots for the wedding album and I bumped (literally) into some of them during the entire day, wish I had a Nikon D-80 with me now.


The arrival of the bride accompanied by her maids.

The arrival of the bride was accompanied by a contingent of bride's maids, most spotting pastel pink or white outfits. Sadly to note I didn't recognise them as this was the first time I've actually met them so I didn't know if they were Yueh Li's sister or her friends or a mix of both. Yueh Li came out of the Honda with a flourish, her long white pearl dress trailing behind as the maids went to giver her a helping hand in easing her passage. The reception in front of the church was joyous from the start, a lot of heartfelt congratulations soon permeated the air, hugging, gift giving and photography. The wedding was shifted to 1100 by then to await the preparations. Taking advantage of this, the bride soon began having group shots outside.


Wishing the bride good luck

All in all the mood was light and expectant. Everyone was in full spirit and was patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. Inside the church the atmosphere was equally charged, greetings were exchanged between family members and friends alike. The pastor was already there preparing the necessary for the ceremony and the groom was waiting at the front aisle for the bride. The pews were decked with programs and the sides decorated with roses and snow drop flowers. Outside the people were all having their photos taken until finally it was time for the bride to enter the church.


Preparing for the entry to the church


Friendly shot between bride and bride's maid


A light moment holding the bouquet of flowers.


Moments away from stepping into the church and stepping out as Mrs Chong.


Kien Chung briefing his parents on the proceeding of the ceremony for the church wedding ceremony.


Sri Kebakat said...

Wow, those photos, well taken. Are you a pro ? what type of camera u using ? Anyway, congratulation for being top 5 !


Kervin said...

Thank you for the congrats, glad you can drop by. No not pro, I don't even own a DSLR, all the pictures taken here is with my Canon Powershot S-80 digital camera, though it doesn't mean I'm not dreaming of a Nikon D-80.