Monday, September 17, 2007

Here Comes the Bride


The bride's maid, bouquet in hand walks ahead, heralding the bride and her father.

The walk down the aisle always seems the longest. With everyone's faces turned to the back and the traditional music begins playing announcing the bride's arrival, the place takes on a solemn atmosphere. The groom awaits at the front with his best man and family, waiting. The priest at the helm, looking on with encouragement and anticipation for the joining of the couple under the eyes of the Lord. The bride's maid leads, paving the way for the bride and her father who will hand her over in trust and respect to the man he'll call his son after this day.


The first of many steps to a whole new chapter in her life, hand clasped tightly by the strong and caring arms of her father who will present her to her husband to be.

The bride looks radiant behind the veil, her wedding gown flowing behind her as she seems to glide across the path to the altar. Slow, even and deliberate steps they took. Some of those attending raised their hands in prayer, others looked on in support while the cameras were ablazed lighting the church interior with their powerful flash. The walk seemed as if it was ages but when both came to the front, hand in hand, the ceremony came to life and everyone's heart must have been filled with hope, wishes and good will, most from the family of both sides who are about to be joined in union.


Smiles and cheer is evident on their faces, a journey long in the making will soon be complete and to move on to the start of a whole new one for them.

The groom anxiously waits for his bride to be, what thoughts must be coursing through his mind now. Yet he must feel like he is the luckiest man alive and that today is the culmination of the long path both of them have chosen to trod. Heads turned to the front as the the bride passes their way and soon they reached the front where the chairs have been prepared for them, with the priest already at the front to greet them warmly. The brides father soon lets go of the arms of the daughter he has brought up and entrusts her to this man who stands before him. He must have a lot of emotions roiling within him as well but he must trusts the choice that his daughter has chosen and wish her well in her new life. The groom takes her hand and both stood in front of the priests and thus the wedding ceremony began.


Nearing to the end of the walk.


The groom waits in anticipation for his bride to be.


And so it begins.......

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