Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dogs I'd Love to Own

I am a professed dog lover and living in a flat has the downside that there are no pets allowed. I missed wrestling with Lady when she's smelly, having my face licked by her sloppy kisses, staying up late to comfort her when she's on heat and spoiling her silly. Though I have no distinction between a mongrel and a pure breed there are some dogs that I would die to have as a pet. From the wide range of our four legged pals during the Pet-and-You Dog show and the Purina Dog Olympics earlier this year, the visual treat of seeing the various dogs was a sight for sore eyes. Here are a few favourite dogs I'd love to have and cuddle to death:


I always had a fascination with huskies, Alaskan or Siberian doesn't matter. When I first saw my real life Husky being sold at Pets World Midvalley I literally melted. She was a blue eyed red coated bundle of fur. I always joked that these breeds were unaccustomed to be in our climate since they are used to be buried under tons of snow and later in the morning just unbury themselves and shake it all off as if it was nothing, I joked that to have them in Malaysia we had to put them in the freezer and every now and then open the door and toss in some food and it'd be right at home. Now it seems this breed is adaptable to our hot climate and thriving and I did see quite a number of them such as this hunk of a black and white fur beauty.


Beagles are cute and somehow I tend to separate them out from the other toy dog breeds (which I detest). Maybe it was because of the influence from Snoopy that I always see them as cute, loving and endearing dogs. They aren't that small and just nice to cuddle and ever so cute, given a choice a Bassett hound is the next best choice, looks like a beagle but with droopy cheeks ala Hush Puppies.


Oh collies, the vision of Lassie always comes to mind. I always wanted to bury my face into their fluffy fur and I have a soft spot for working dogs. They can be hyperactive and always busy and require a lot of care but its worth it.


English sheepdogs are another type of collies that I adore. The simple black and white coloration makes them so regal and beautiful. The image of them rounding sheeps and working on the farm must be a legacy of Babe and also from James Herriot's many stories. Thinking of them you can just conjure up the English countryside with the lush rolling hills and moors as well as country farm land.


If there are any dogs that are the equivalent to royalty the Afghans fit the bill perfectly. Slender and muscular hounds with a lush coat of fur, capable of extraordinary feats of speed and the long snout visage conjures a regal but dignified air around them.


Goldens are your garden staple dogs, very common in Malaysia. They are often characterised with their friendliness towards people, compassionate understanding of humans and could always cheer you up with their exuberant playfulness.


German Shepard Dogs or Alsatians are the workhorse of the modern world. Employed in as diverse an occupation as security dogs to rescue dogs and in aid of the disabled, they truly are capable of any type of work and even if they look mean and imposing their nature are quite gentle and friendly if properly nurtured. I still miss Lady which was mostly part GSD, I still think they are such a noble and loyal breed and if I ever get another dog I hope it would be akin to the dog that I could not bring back here.


MiccObaYb said...

We have a lot in common now. :) I have a husky. That's on top of my list. Rough Collie is second in my list. When I saw this post... I know we have a lot in common now. Well..only this post for now :P

MiccObaYb said...

I don't know if that picture of BEAGLE is a beagle though. Looks like a JR :)