Saturday, September 08, 2007

Post Merdeka Generation

With no press passes and the large crowds at the 50th Merdeka Celebrations held earlier I made a decision that taking the normal parade and celebration shots were a no go, firstly the press people or those that managed to sneak in close to the parade ground with their high tech gear, long lenses and wide angles will do better justice compared to my point and shoot and secondly I figured that Merdeka was not about the parades, the pageantry or the merdeka themed floats. I believe that the spirit of Merdeka is embodied not by these trappings but etched in the people of Malaysia themselves and this was what I wanted to capture for our Flickr Merdeka trip, unprompted, sincere and heartfelt shots on how people celebrated our independence. Here are some of the results presented, more focused on the children of the post-merdeka generation for they are the one who will determine which direction our nation will progress in the next fifty years and hopefully I believe all Malaysian wish, towards the better.


Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darah ku (Our Nation, where our blood is spilled), Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju (The People living united and prosperous), There is a world of meaning behind these lines.


Cadets from the National Service joins in the celebrations. I still wonder if patriotism, nationalism and a love for our country can be instilled within a three month period as envisioned by the NS programme, I'd rather hope that it's a lifelong learning to love one's country and I hope that we sincerely move towards identifying ourselves as Malaysians first and foremost.


A single person with real intension and spirit is worth a thousand people professing they are patriotic without really understanding the real meaning of it.


A family takes time off to enjoy the independence day parade


Feet of Malaysians. Beyond colour, beyond religion, beyond politics, beyond ideologies, we are Malaysians and we should be proud of it.


Kid waving Malaysian flag. She might just be caught up with all the revelry surrounding her but maybe one day the feeling and significance of Merdeka will be understood fully as she grows older.


Closeup of kid and flag, never too young to love Malaysia.


Our future, what will our nation be in another fifty years, what will this child experience as our nation progresses, what does the future holds for all of us as a nation?


Kid with Jalur Gemilang draped on herself. It does not take a hero or Superman to love your country, just be yourself.


Patriotic flag waving from the crowd. People who questions whether Malaysians are patriotic or not should first question themselves before they point at others. I am Malaysian and I am proud of it.


Kid with umbrella. I wonder if he realises the symbolism of it all as he attends the celebrations, maybe he'll look back one day and decide that yes it was a great day today and its lucky we can call ourselves Malaysians.


Even on duty he manages to make time for his family. They risk their lives to ensure that we are able to go on with ours without worry, a salute to our arm forces.

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