Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blast Off! We Salute the First Malaysian Bolehnaut


All Malaysians are looking at the Heavens tonight as one of our own will soon leave terra firma and enter the depths of space. Some will be in awe at this first (of many?) venture to space, others are busy preparing for their exodus back to kampung, most will be glued to their tv set focusing on Astro as the 24 hour channel dedicates coverage to our man in space, almost all are pondering and wondering if our money are well spent in carrying out this venture, if the Government is seriously thinking of sending the second man with tax payer's money and if this really accomplished anything for us as a nation while we are busy trading barbs with Indonesian over the arrest of a diplomat's wife, the ongoing haze blanketing our skies and news coverage and the brohaha over who actually owns 'Rasa Sayang'.

To our Bolehnaut in space, selamat Beraya thousands of feet over your compatriots!

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