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Pulau Redang - Azure Waters and Pearl White Sands


One of the many passenger ferries taking tourists to and fro from the Island.

Pulau Redang is one of the few unspoilt havens in Malaysia that can boast beauty comparative to most exotic tropical islands such as Barbados, the Carribean, Mauritius or Hawaii. Whats more its in our own backyard. Located off the coast of Terengganu, reachable via plane from Berjaya Airs ex Subang Airport or via sea through the ferry services from Merang Jetty and Syahbandar Jetty, Kuala Terengganu. Though the Island has been built up over the years by resorts, many of the area is still pristine and unspoilt. The inhabitants of the Island are situated in the center of the Island at Kampung Redang while the resorts are located at Teluk Dalam and along Pasir Panjang.


View of Teluk Siang, Pulau Pinang is seen in the background.

Your first view of the Island is most likely Teluk Siang, the expansive bay which houses the main passenger jetty on the main island. Sg Redang snakes its way from inland and finally meets the bay at this spot. Lush mangroves line the banks of the river and in the west is found the Redang Airstrip. A scene common here are the countless boats berthed here at the bay, mostly fishermen on their way elsewhere for the marine park is off limits to fishing. Pulau Pinang where the marine park center is located is at the mouth of the bay and is a popular tourist destination which offer a nice beach front as well as good snorkeling and diving spots.


Magroves line the shores of Sg Redang.

The Island is still mainly idyllic, Kg Redang is still mostly a traditional village comprising of wooden kampung houses. Most basic facilities are located along the only road bridging the entire breath of the Island from the jetty to Berjaya Redang Resort. Holidaymakers passes this way in transit to the Resort. The Berjaya Redang Resort itself is a lavish affair, beautiful wooden chalets faces the pristine white sand beach and azure waters. Foreigners and locals alike can be seen frolicking on the beach as the sun shines on sunbathers. Those heading out to dive board their boats through the floating pontoon jutting out of Teluk Dalam. On good days you can see to the bottom of the clear bay waters and spot the occasional turtle swim curiously by. Several beaches are off limits to tourists and act as turtle nesting spots. The coastline is mainly rocky with hill vegetation but a long stretch of beach will satisfy any sun loving being. Newer hotels with luxurious open vistas of the bay can be seen on the cliffs and cost nicely as well but you can get no better or more romantic view than this.


A lone foreigner heads out for a dip in Teluk Dalam's azure waters.

Other accommodations are available for the money conscious traveler, the resort offers cheaper rooms minus the view. Dining at the resort is fabulous and the atmosphere is peaceful. For more down to earth and fun loving crowd, Pasir Panjang offers all kinds of rooms for budget travelers, pitch a tent and sleep along the coast if you feel like it. Secluded on a long strip of beach, activities often include beach dancing, games and music.


Cabanas aplenty for anyone wishing to catch some rest and relaxation at Redang.

A trip down to Pulau Redang will guarantee you all the rest and relaxation you need. Sheltered amidst the amazing atmosphere there, you literally feel the stress melt away. If you are up for it, countless activities are available to keep you busy throughout your stay. I missing the place and it'd be nice to be back there again.


The sandy beach in front of Berjaya Redang Resort.


Large granite rocks are strewn along the coastline.


Rocky coasts along Teluk Dalam


Coconut trees are a common sight at the Island.


Newer rooms overlooking the cliff to have a panaromic view of Teluk Dalam, a perfect getaway for honeymooners.


The walkway connecting the chalet units at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort.

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