Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bagan Lalang - A Day at the Beach

Ever since coming back from Sabah I have left high and dry and have not really set foot on a beach (okay so I've been to Redang once this year) that really impresses me. The west coast is not really renowned with beautiful beaches, sandy white sands and crystal waters, mostly is muddy, brown murky and if you're lucky there's a hint of beach somewhere. When the gang decided on Bagan Lalang for our monthly meetup it was fine with me since I haven't been there. The journey was quite long and strenuous, it really hasn't sunk in that I require nearly 2 hours of driving from KL to get to a beach. In the past I had to walk out of my institute at UMS, take a 5 minute stroll and I'd hit long stretches of beach and seafront. Even the marine park is just 20 minutes boat ride from town. Okay I'm reminiscing too much.

Not withstanding the long drive, crappy road signs leading to the place, small kampung roads, lack of facilities at the beach and no street lights at night, the place was nice. At least there was a hint of a sandy coast but the excessive construction taking place seems to ruin the tranquility of the area, I could see miles of piling heading out to sea where endless sea and the horizon should be the norm. But for KL city slickers, the place much be quite nice since there were large crowds there, swimming, walking, getting buried in sand and generally having fun or relaxing.

Food isn't much of a problem as there are plenty of restaurants there. We went to one featured in the magazine which vouched for the great tasting and reasonably priced food. It took quite a long wait and we even had to fork out RM100 to book a table for our group and yet we had to wait nearly an hour an a half for food to be served. I miss Sabah.


These two sisters came to the beach with their beloved pets.


Silhouette shoot of people on the beach, Bagan Lalang, Selangor Malaysia.


Kid having fun in the water, Bagan Lalang, Selangor Malaysia.


The guardian of the beach stands watch for any evildoing and is ever ready to come to the rescue.


Silhouette shoot of people on the beach, Bagan Lalang, Selangor Malaysia


Matt and Han takes a moment to take in the sunset at Bagan Lalang

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