Monday, December 03, 2007

A Christmas Play - The Nativity Story

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it'd be a nice touch to complete the Christmas play story I shot last year in time for Christmas. Here we go:


Mary meets with Miriam who is also with child after she learns that she was carrying the baby Jesus


Miriam listens intently at Mary's admonition of her predicament of bearing Christ and her worries that Joseph will not accept it


The baby in Miriam's womb, John the Baptist, reaches out to the Baby Jesus in recognition of his greatness of the coming messiah


Glory to God in the highest


Mary's find courage in her talk with Miriam to confront Joseph and tells hims of her pregnancy


Mary tells Joseph about the good news of her pregnancy


Mary pleading to Joseph to hear her out and explains about the angel's message that the Messiah will be born to her.


Joseph does not believe Mary and would not accept the child in her womb as it was not his, accusing her of adultery.


A forlorn Mary sits back in her chair in despair at Joseph's rejection.

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LT said...

hey... where's the rest of the story?? :P this ain't no ending! :) hehehe