Friday, July 04, 2008

A Moment in Tanjung Karang


Few months back me and the Flickr people went to Tanjung Karang to have a view of the padi fields and to have the excellent seafood spread at Pasir Penambang. Sadly some things didn't come out right. For one the padi fields were just harvested a week before we arrive and instead of sprawling yellow fields of gold we were greeted by vast plains of brown cut hay of which the farmers were busy burning to prepare for the next planting season. Coordinating 5 cars and scores more of people can really be a task, you have to get everyone to follow and most usually don't, there was even an hillarious moment when we took a wrong turn and ended up on a one way kampung dirt track only finding out we had to reverse which was a feat unto itself when you have five cars in a row with little turning radius. But we still had fun, some of our people were good enough to turn model and with her lovely purple baju kurung she looks as one with the surrounding kampung with a scene out of Mukshin itself. It was my first view of the great padi plains and I was quite impressed at the endless acres of flat land which in kl and kuantan wasn't really anything equivalent of it. The sun was hammering on us as best as it could and some of us took refuge in the car with aircond, doesn't help that the fires lit were adding to the heat. As with any kampungs, the local boys came out to see what this bunch of lunatic photographers are up to and oblige shots which they were jostling to get into the frame of everyone they met.








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aroom said...

very nice picture. so natural.