Friday, July 04, 2008

A Not So Brief Moment in My Life

I've been negligent in posting as usual but due to the nature of work and other commitments I guess my usual compulsion to post one post a day had fled and I'm more relaxed in pacing my posts though not as often as I'd like. To recap some of the major things happening lately I'm going for summaries instead of full blown writings.

1) Joined the first treasure hunt in my life, though Viz, L, Prav and Gaya were giving our utmost best in squeezing our brain centers, none of us having any inkling of how the organisers actually phrase the clues, we all had fun even as we didn't win and more the wiser in our next attempt, hopefully
2) I've got conned into joining California Fitness. The next time a phone call comes to you for a free two week trial as they got your card from a draw stay the way clear, in the end I was suckered in for a year's membership option for personal training and no free two weeks because I signed one. It hasn't been all that bad I finally realise I need to control my health and if I pay its more motivation to utilise it fully without an excuse

3) I've got my new Canon EOS 400D as hinted in previous posts, loving it as well as a new 50mm lens which I've always been slobbering for. Sadly the opportunities to use it has been limited which I'm quite down about, haven't been photographing lately due to lack of opportunity
4) I took a day off from work, the first holiday in a while and went back to Kuantan with L in tow, another first and another milestone, this time her parent's didn't try to kill me off so I think that is a good sign
5) I hosted an Australian at my place for a month, he's here on work related detail at our firm and turns out to be an extremely nice guy even with all my misgivings of having another live in person after living along for so long, more like worried that he can't stand my messy habits
6) Survived a tough major Project review which sapped my time, strength and wits for the entire month of May so I'm quite pleased about it but no time to rest my laurels
7) Finally caught up with my supervisor who finally after god knows how long finished one of my crucial chapters for my master thesis within an hour (can you believe that, he could have done that ages ago with no effort) so hopefully I'll be graduating or the very least pass up my thesis after paying for no reason to the coffers of my stupid university
8) Got an offer to publish an article on Deepavali for a Spanish magazine and took the publishers offer. Hopefully this will be my first printed article and photos though its a bit obscure a source
9) Last month was full of family affairs, a cousin got married, another cousin announced that he'll be marrying by next year, another cousin is slotted to be married by November this year and another cousin just gave birth to her second kid, a girl
10) The company saw the departure of a huge portion of its staff, old and new, and it seems the office dynamics has somewhat changed with all the old hands gone and injection of new people. It's been quite quiet with the departure of an especially boisterous cousin
11) Two friends got into a bit of bad luck, one was hospitalised for denggi fever while holidaying in Perhentian with her boyfriend another saw her car being slammed by a truck and it was a new car, luckily both are fine, thank God
12) I'm dating again and I'm happy to find someone new in my life after the past breakup.

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