Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A flurry of Summer Movies?

"After cleaning up the earth and discovering some robo-steroids, Wall-E can finally be all the robot he can be."

This is for an entry for two special passes to watch Evangelion: 1.0 You are (NOT) Alone. The rest is some fun I drew up in a couple of minutes. Feel free not to laugh if the parodies are too lame.

Announcer: Attention all passengers flying 'Air Apa', flight had been delayed again due to unforseen circumstances. We'll be giving away free coupons for delays amounting to over 3 hours, please have a good day.
Announcer: "ping pong", attention all passengers whoever parked his $#$#% car in the disabled zone, congratulations its been stomped by a giant robot.
PM: My fellow citizens, I had to take the ERL here due to the fuel hike and to show my support to the rakyat (please vote for me again if the Pakatan manages to steal my ministers). We are being invaded by an unkown crazy killer robot that is causing chaos, destruction and mayhem in the capital and no its not those PAS people again protesting everything under the sun. I wish to ask you to remain calm as we have asked some of the most famous summer blockbuster heroes to come to our aid. Let me first introduce this radioactive fellow, Mr Hulk?

Hulk: Me SMASH!
PM: Oh nasty green smudge on the robots feet. Eer next lets welcome mr Batty himself.
Batman: No worries I'll sort this out for you good citizens.
No2: Mmm he's in good form gotta find out how much costs he pays for those bat mobiles and other gadgets, maybe we can outfit our military with them things, hopefully he'll offset the costs of our next angkasawan to space.
PM: He's doing fine, look he just threw his batarang but seems like no effect. Mmm maybe we should stick with our scorpion subs and helicopters for now. Ouch he just got whacked, too bad. Next!
No 2: Mmm this big boy seems promising, he's big and mean and look at all that weaponry
PM: No can do la we ban such violent movie characters like then in the past, I still think we should have done more than change Hellboy to Super Sapiens. Cut!
No2: Next one is not too much of a hero but Mr Night
Night: "I see dead people"
PM: Eer ok but there's a giant robot loose can you do something?
Night: I got rid of an alien once by beating it with a bat will that do?
PM: Eer maybe something more than that? If you can't do the job you're out!
Night: This isn't Happening!!!!!
PM: Terrible la this people who's next?
No2: He says he's new but is destined to be the destined one and he'll do his best but suspicious la, he's only wearing an old brief.
Panda: Hi how are you doing? Panda's the name, kung fu's my game whooahhh.
PM: Look out!
No2: Dang told you we should have passed that endangered species trafficking law now our hero just got bonked and is likely to end up in some back alley shop being served as soup!
PM: Sigh looks like we have to contract it to someone local, is Mr Cicak still in employ
No2: Mmm No la seems he's off promoting his new cicakman 2 movie in Indonesia so no go.
PM: I got an idea, lets just direct him north to the next state and then we can make it a Pakatan problem and let them see how they take care of it.
No 2: Good idea, at least this took people's mind off from the high fuel costs and rising food prices, now got more rebuilding to do and we can award the contract to the cronies so we can plan for the next election.
PM: Agreed, make it so.

*All people, names and places portrayed here are fictacious and are in no relation to anyone living or dead unless you think you have an uncanny resemblence to them


visithra said...

lol thats funny ;) good one kervin

hyelbaine said...

hahaha...good one bro. excellent poke at the current shambles indeed ;)

Cheers!!! :D