Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Look Back at KLCC


The pearly white Twin Towers of KLCC.

I've been taking shots of KLCC for a long time and one feature that I've always been unable to really capture was the night scene around the Petronas Twin Towers. Using a Canon Powershot S80 was a great leap in terms of manual control adjustments but there were always limits. Not that I didn't like it, it continued to give me great shots and amazed me at times with the limitations I had to work with. Well here is another relook at the place with new EYES.


An intimate moment lest you find yourself fined RM200 for lewd and indecent behaviour as some had at this same spot, KLCC

Consider how hard it was to get good night shots with a f2.8 point and shoot, it came to great joy that my new toy the task was made much easier. I so love the ability to shoot in ISO 800 and ISO 1600 with hardly a sweat in worrying about noise and camera shake especially with an IS lens. The scene with the first photo of the Twin Towers was taken at a heartbeat. It sure beat the days when I had to steady my camera and with a 1/4 or less shutter speed pray and hoped that the photo didn't shake too much. The downside of the new effortless lens is that the triumph of getting that one shot out of 30 bad ones isn't as rewarding as it used to be. Take case in point with the couple committing khalwat snapping it using from a distance was no sweat at all.


A moment between a father and his son, KLCC

A fun time I had was taking all the impossible low light shots I have never been able to do and it was thrilling. Silhouette, crisp bokeh backgrounds with the 50 mm was so addictive. Plus the sharpness and quality even in the dark is so much to ask for. It must be the best 2k investment I've made in a while.


Harmony speaks if you open your ears and listen, KLCC


The smallest details are revealed where I saw none, I love my 50 mm, KLCC


Clear and crisp, Canon at ISO1600 is a godsend but it leaves a little anticlimax where once I had to shoot 30 shots with a P&S to get a steady shot using ISO200, KLCC


Kid in stroller, KLCC


libpuritan said...

i like the father and child silhouette photo best. =)

sam^shira said...

i'm sure u've been told many times, that u certainly have they eye for photography.

lovely, lovely pictures. keep that camera clicking.