Monday, March 10, 2008

The Morning After the Dust Settles in Malaysia

It was no surprise that discontent from the Malaysian citizens especially the Chinese and Indians were evident even before the campaign started. Whereas the four year term began with a resounding endorsement to Pak Lah in 2004 with a 91% majority for a force of change, at the end not much has changed and it can be said much has gone down the drain since then. The people's mandate has now been revealed and the results shocking even to the opposition that found themselves in possession of 5 states, Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor and with inroads in traditional BN strongholds and reduced majorities in most other seats save for Sabah and Sarawak.

It was a major victory for the netzens in the fact that Jeff Ooi of Screenshots fame got voted in as a parliamentarian in Penang. Many of the old guard have once scorned the new media and the power of the blogger but the new streak of wins by young intellectuals and technosavy individuals have shown that they are not a force to be just swept under the carpet. Jeff from all the blogosphere we congratulate you on your success and wish you well in your future duties and we hope that you will uphold the ideals of the citizens of this country.

Truly a wind of change has come and marks a new milestone whereby a more savvy electorial has shown that democracy is very much alive and that any government be they BN or the opposition should not rest on their laurels once they secure their seat and instead act as they should wish is to serve the rakyat first and foremost lest the rakyat decides that a better representative should be given the opportunity to serve instead. So Malaysia, we wake up to a new dawn, lets see which direction the light will shine.


Melissa said...

hey, im adding you in my blog ok. it's me melissa, the one who always bugged your ex-hse mate adrian to fix her pc and lend her his animes. :P long time no news frm u :) howdy?

cordelia said...

another comment unrelated to the content of this actual entry:

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Lii T'san said...

here's a comment which is related to your entry :) yes i too woke up, literally, feeling that there would be, FINALLY, change in the country. I just hope that the change will be for the better, and that the opposition (who are now the government in a few states) would realise their promises in the elections manifesto. Cheers!