Sunday, April 20, 2008

Goals to Aim for in 2008

People usually posts resolutions during the New Year but due to the recent slump and to stop being a whiner that sits and rot I'm going to set up some short term goals and long term goals for 2008 and hopefully motivate me to finally settle some things that have been keeping me back. In no order of importance:

1. Go on a photowalk
2. Buy a new DSLR camera
3. Go on a holiday excursion for a minimum of 5 days out of Malaysia
4. Get a credit card
5. Earn an income that would make me taxable
6. Get to know 10 new people and end up with a minimum of half a good friends
7. Go out and renew contact with some old friends which I've neglected
8. Find a nice girl that I can share my life with
9. Cook at least 4 home cook meals in a week
10. Buy a business suit and pants, new eye wear and leather shoes
11. Get my photos in a print media
12. Shoot a wedding
13. Shoot a large photo project of my choosing
14. Finish my entire season of Star Trek TNG, CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Anime collection
15. Get laid
16. Ensure that my boss does not scream, throw objects, denigrate, call me stupid, and appreciate me (fat chance)


visithra said...

throw objects???? elooo can u start thinking about moving??

i so vote on dslr n travel - u need a break dear

hyelbaine said...

hhmm...that's a lot to do if you don't break it into smaller chunks bro. One step at a time, one at a time aights ;)

Cheers!!! :D

kuok sum said...

16 goals? all in a year? hmmm...

I think I can help with goal no. 3. Maybe u can combine it with goal no.1. but besure to achieve goal no.2 before you go for one.Drop me a line if u want a travel companion but be sure to tell me a few months before hand. I was thinking along the line of 7-9 days excursion though :p

goal no. 5 - You like to pay the goverment don't you? Want to be taxable.

Others... you will have to do it on your own initiative... :)

libpuritan said...

nice list. 5,11 and 12 are in my unwritten list. =) and good solid photos too. tagging your blog!