Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here and There Again

Living out of a suitcase and in hotels isn't all its cut out to be and truly now I understand how it feels to be 'Home' after a long period away. Well I've more or less managed to shake away my depressing mood, maybe its the fact that there's so much work ahead to do that I had to get my act together lest I fall back and also a busy mind does help in making you forget about some of your problems. Now I understand what it really is like to suffer a bout of depression and it wasn't pleasant. Usually after a discouraging day sleeping it off would work and the next day I'm springing away again as usual. This time it took nearly 3 weeks of constantly battling to keep my spirits up and find a reason to be happy. Thank God that passed. I'm just afraid that it will come back again suddenly and hit me when I least expect it again.

Well I'm off again it seems, northwards again tomorrow to Sungai Petani and the following week for a dive in Pulau Redang. I'm still hoping for a few work free days at home to just rest and relax without having to think of anything, keeping fingers cross. On a smaller note, it seems I'll be sharing my space with a counterpart of my boss for the next month, hopefully it'll be amicable.

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Big Boys Oven said...

Looks cool to me, we must enjoy it! :)