Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Morning in Serdang


The lone tree which Viz informs me is the exact tree featured in the NTV7 screen caught in the early morning.

Viz has always said that her little space in Serdang is heaven on earth with everything readily available and thus the reason she stayed there most of her life. She told me of the time she went out to this little spot of hers to catch some very stunning sunrise and so I just had to see for myself. The place was none other than the agriculture fields of UPM characterised by endless rolling fields and hills with cattle grazing lazily in the distance. That morning didn't yield much of a sunrise but it didn't mean that the place was not worth visiting. The place feels out of place from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city life, it was so quiet and tranquil that you would think you're somewhere else rather than in Selangor.


Green fields encompass much of the area with cows lazing in the distance in the morning cooleness.


Morning mist shroud much of the landscape bringing about a sense of peace and tranquility which seems out of place just 10 minutes out of bustling KL.




A couple of shots of the weeds amidst the green background of the UPM fields.


It was a bit frustrating to capture the blue sky as the sky was downcast and thus usually yield an overblown sky or underexposed foreground. Solved the problem when I chanced upon this reflection amidst the reeds in the pond.


Morning dew collects amidst the grass.


Posing with some reeds.


A shot of Viz's car in the morning sunlight.


Anonymous said...

I like the last pic ... seen like advert ;p ...

nice shot ... keep it on !

pinky said...

Gee, i never knew there's such pretty view at Serdang. ANyway, very nicely taken pics:)

karim rambo said...

Serdang always beautiful!