Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spirit of Flame


A performer spitting a gout of flame into the night.

Fire invokes a primeval feeling in all of us, its usefulness has led mankind to become the dominant species gifting us with the ability to cook, obtain warmth, hunt, illuminate and more. Even so fire remains much a force that can at the same time overwhelm us turning into an uncontrollable inferno that burns anything and everything in its path with scant disregard for any masters more so us. It is a sight to see a person handle the hot flames, bringing it inches to their expose skin, smothering it with their bare mouth and spitting a gout of flame into the night eyes. Yes fire eaters fascinates us by using this primal force for our entertainment.


A dangerous dance of fire.


There is beauty and danger at the same time in such an act.


Respecting the flame is crucial as you never know how it will act, a fickle medium.


Quite a way to quench your hunger in partaking this fiery meal.


You can see that he is enjoying himself immensely.


Too close for comfort if you ask me.


Cheers erupt as the flames spews forth, the heat keenly felt even as we were a distance away what more for the person doing the act.

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