Saturday, August 09, 2008

PAS Youth Should Just Shut Up and S***W Themselves

PAS Youth's vehement and thoughtless hankering on trying to ban any shows and entertainment in the Country is not only perplexing but counterproductive. After the debacle with Inul's concert they are now demanding the banning of Avril Lavigne's show in Malaysia. It is not easy finding and organising international artists to Malaysia and most often they end up in Singapore instead which is a great loss to fans in Malaysia and the opportunity loss in terms of earnings to the country. The reason that was given that it insults our freedom fighters is utterly incomprehensible, didn't our soldiers sacrifice themselves to give us freedom which also freedom of choice. An artist singing doesn't tarnish our Merdeka nor does it insult anybody well maybe PAS.

The last time I heard a party asking people to just focus on patriotic concerts was when the Chinese Communist ban all artforms and only allowed the staging of State sanctioned opera which promotes the Motherland. It spelled the death of choice and the decline of the arts. Maybe PAS should study back their history and not just spout out their nonsense whenever they feel like it. At this rate Malaysia will be an entertainment desert that all international artists will bypass us in favour of more liberal and open minded countries aka Singapore. If PAS wants to sit in their segregated stadiums and listen to nasyid and prayers please go ahead but don't force your bull shit ideology on a multicultural society with the ability to think for themselves and to choose what's best for themselves and not let some mindless self appointed custodian of values to dominate us.

I'm a fan of Avril Lavigne and it does not have to do with her punk and rock background, in actual fact she is an even more decent artist in respect to so many Hollywood and American singers. I loved her album when it first appeared with songs such as Skat8er Boy, Complicated, etc. PAS should be more open minded and such archaic thoughts and beliefs is not welcomed here in Selangor so you can all go Fug yourselves please.

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