Saturday, August 09, 2008

China Olympics - China's Welcoming Party into the World

The Olympics Opening was in a word breathtaking to say the least. The greatly choreographed showcases and beautiful venue was surely a sight to be seen. Even with all the issues and problems especially with the protests and condemnation during the torch relay run worldwide it was a great finishing for its last leg here at the Bird's Nest Stadium last night. In a sense this is the opening party for China itself as it steps into the world stage as a main player and there was no greater show of strength, ability and capability of this Communist State then what occurred in the Capital in Beijing.

From the dance forms and cultural display highlighting China's contribution to the world for such inventions as paper, the compass, gunpowder and the written official examination it blends the old and the new, history and present to reveal what China truly is. And seeing Sarah Brightman singing in Chinese for the official opening theme song was truly a sight to behold. Even as we are no longer nationals of China as a Chinese it truly feels that emotional on a lot of levels to see the display being played out and China being in the eye of the World.

Many have often slammed China for its human right's problem but they should take a look at themselves first and I'm sure no country has ever escaped from social upheaval and social inequality before and China with its vast land area, diverse population and far flung states should be given a handshake for how it manages to keep its population intact while achieving such stellar development to become a nation that looks set to take the USA's place in terms of economic might. The US has centuries of oppression and social problems and I'm sure its no easy task to balance this in China which might even be unavoidable.

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QuaChee said...

agree with you.. a lot of other countries think they are always better...

china did it right. and i hope it continues to grow & grow... and for china to be the benchmark (for everything), meaning they dont need the west approval anymore.