Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hail to Anwar - The Winner by Far

It's might not be a surprise to many that this man is now a Parliamentarian, winning comfortably with a 17,00 plus majority over the BN's candidate (who's his name again?). It was more a proxy war between Anwar, Najib and the son in law-who aspire to be when he's not, in what is a succession struggle more than anything else with Pak Lah keeping to the sides and popping into LRT's to hear the people's woes on public transport (been there done that still as bad). WE live in interesting time, as this by election heralds bigger implication on the national level. Will Anwar pull a sleight of hand and get his 30 crossover defectors? Will the economy react to this new turn of event of uncertainty in who's really running the show in the Country? Will the Pakatan last or will it crumble over its own weight of high personality clash between the orthodox ulama party of PAS, the Malaysia Malaysian party of DAP and the middling influence of Anwar's own PKR. For now Malaysians might give a sigh in relief as all the doubt as to what Anwar's fate will be has finally been decided democratically. Let us all continu watching the show we all call 'Who wants to be become prime minister'?. Surely it will be more gripping than an Obama and McCaine clash.

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QuaChee said...

like how you wrote 'who want to become PM'. :)