Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia - Merdeka


Sometimes we forget easily, we are so focus of what divides us that we do not see what unites us even if it right in front of us. If we were to look for the true Malaysia, just look forward and see these people. It is not the VIPs sitting on their cozy dais for an hour, it is these people, ordinary Malaysian youths that has spent the better part of the last week practicing, be it rain or shine, in perfecting this unison of syncronised display that truly shows who we are. No talk of race, no talk of religion, no talk of division, just young people intermingling and working together to pull something this spectacular off. It is no easy work, but to see them there smiling and enjoying themselves should leave all of us in a bit of shame, we talk of unity, we talk of equality, we talk of fairness of leveling the field. Yet we should ask out leaders, the come to the front of these kids and tell them that they, as Malaysians have a share in building up the future, a future for all regardless of race, religion and ideology. If they can do that, then can we only say we are truly MERDEKA. Independence day is a day to reflect, of past sacrifices, of compromises and also a look into the future, where we want to be, where we are headed, what future lies for us all as Malaysians. Malaysians, now thats a word we ought to be saying more, and less of Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Murut, Bidayuh, Bajau, Nyonya, Singh, orang asli, etc. Malaysians, it is a beautiful word and one we should strive to realise. So Malaysia happy 51st birthday and hopefully by the next year we can truly be proud with our heads held high and say it with pride.









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QuaChee said...

hi nice write. i think many malaysians share the same sentiments like you do :) lets go for 1 malaysia!