Saturday, September 06, 2008

Squatting, Squatter, Squatted, I Don't Give a Squat


Historically speaking if Chinese were squatters, it must also be noted that 90 percent of Malaysians today are squatters due to the fact that historical migration from the Malay Archipelago, Indian States and China has resulted in our current day population. If this statement was true by Ahmad Ismail, then the country rightfully belongs only to the orang asli and local racial groups of Sabah and Sarawak and even the Malays themselves are from different stocks such as Achenese, Sumatrans, Bugis, Arabs, etc. UMNO can argue semantics and all but its high time that what comes from the horses mouth should be taken as it is and no amount of spin doctoring should belittle what inteligence Malaysians possess by misconstruing what is an obvious insult on all Malaysians (for that is what any Malaysians should feel when any groups are put down with racist remarks be they Malay, Chinese, Indians, etc). Lets call a racist a racist, and its about time these fossils be put in the museum where they belongs and the people that actually love this country be allowed to live without prejudice and fear from such bigotted self centered individuals from any party at that. Apologize if a mistake has been made and it may be forgiven if sincere yet recalcitant comebacks and unrepentent behaviours when one is in the wrong does not have any place in civil society.

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