Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kampung Baru Ramadhan Food Trail


This is the first time I saw fried popiah with chili padi in it, was nice but not as crispy as I liked.

One thing I look forward every time its puasa is the stalls of food selling lovely stuff for berbuka puasa. Nowadays its so common to find a pasar Ramadhan in almost every single location here in Kuala Lumpur each with its own variety of foodstuff though the more common fare are always present no matter where you go, just the quality differs. I've heard complaints once that many of these stalls often pop up just during Ramadhan when people are out to get some extra cash for Hari Raya and thus the quality of the food served are questionable, how good can it be if its only available just one month of the year by a cook who doesn't specialised in cooking? True there are the bad from the good but generally I find the atmosphere of the pasar more delightful then the food served. Its often busy with people browsing and puchasing food, the sights and sounds and the pushing and shoving to get at price morsels along with the shouts and stunts of the stall keepers trying to attract customers to their stall (who wouldn't as competition is stiff, imagine there were 10 murtabak stalls in a single street). You can tell which are popular by the lines forming and during this year at Kg Baru, I saw a queue a street long for a particular murtabak stall and they had 5 skillets going at once and still can't keep up.

The stalls at Kg Baru streched several streets long with all kinds of foodstuff. There were murtabak, nasi campur, ayam pangang, goreng pisang, apom, drinks, roti jala, roti john, kepak ayam, nasi kerabu, som tham, mee and meehoon goreng, etc. Visithra, Praveen and I went about purhcasing from most of the stalls to test the food there. Sadly it wasn't as nice as I expected compared to the one we went to at Subang last year. The som tham we had was tasteless, the nasi was ok though but on the pricey side (ayam, sambal and sayur for RM5.50 is a bit much) and the restaurant we went to served my two Indian friends tom yam with beef inside and asked us back what was the problem. But it was nice walking about and enjoying the atmosphere there, the best sight we had, the Kg Baru mosque distributing the famous bubur lambuk for free to the crowd.


Ayam Perchik is one of the dishes I look forward to every Ramadhan.


Kepak Ayam being sold on skewers.


A shy stall owner making ikan bakar.


Variety of juices were on sale.


The famous murtabak stall where the crowd were just lining up to buy as soon as it left the skillet.


Roti jala being made.


Roti jala goes great with chicken curry.


Ikan keli masak sambal my favourite!


Roti John, just that the guy was handling it with bare hands.


Otak-otak freshly made to order.


Prepacked drinks is just a thrist quencher after a hot day out.


kitkat said...

wohoo the food look very nice..
Thanks for sharing. But have to wait until next year for Kg Baru pasar ramadahan.. a long wait

QuaChee said...

a lil late to comment on ramadhan hehe. but really, yr pics are awesome - from the popiah to the roti jala! truly wonderful!