Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daicon 2009

It's been quite a long day but one that is refreshingly positive. I actually only heard about Daicon 2009 when it was posted on, guess the local promotion was slow or lacking else confined to a small circuit of groups. Anyway, I always wanted to head to a anime, manga, cosplay, otaku fest. Since this time it falls on 11 - 12 July 2009 of which I'm actually physically in KL and without anything to do I headed to Cyberjaya for the Multimedia University where the event was being held.

Here is a summary of what to expect:

"Daicon is a celebration of Japanese Modern Visual Culture held in Malaysia at the Multimedia University. Daicon 2009 features various visual arts activities inspired by Japan including cosplay contest, doujinshi booths, figure collection display from Gundam, Macross and other anime as well as the appearance and concert from Chihara Minori."

Highlights of the 11th and what to expect tomorrow:

(1) Cosplayers

Both days have scheduled cosplay events, the individual cosplayers on Saturday and group cosplay on Sunday. The quality of the costumes were good especially the seifuku and goth loli inspired K!-on groups. The cosplayers were a friendly bunch who didn't hessitate to pose when asked. Some characters were too fun, the two guys playing Mario and Luigi were just barrels of smiles, the Dantes from Devil May Cry were more macho and kept on crossing their swords and pistols. The most attention grabbers must surely be the girl playing Haruhi in her bunny suit and concert getup as well as the people who were K!-on crazy, very elaborate and great setup. The setup and management of the contest was a bit of a letdown as the sound system wasn't really top notch, music drowning the cosplayers speech and technical problems here and there. I think the cosplayers were more animated and active in the waiting areas with the photographers then they were on stage. The finals were also not as thrilling as I had hoped but never being in a cosplay contest before not really sure how others are handled.






(2) Sales Booths

Lots of booth setup throughout the hall. Some are selling artwork and doujinshi from local artists. The most popular must be the merchandizing booth where people had to lineup to view the stuff on sale. Not much of a selection and prices can go off the roof (a t-shirt at RM114), the items include character mugs, folios, writing pads, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Come early to ensure you get the best stuff and avoid a 30 minute waiting time.

(3) Figurine Display

Several booths on display throughout the hall. The most impressive must be the figurines from the various animes and games. The organisers were a bit strict to enforce photographers behind a predetermined lined, understandably since one of these figurines can run up to 4,000 yen. The models were top notch and must be worth the huge moolah forked out. Glimpse lovely bikini clad idolmasters, the entire haruhi and lucky star neroids, hatsune miku, hayate, Ah! My Goddess, Tears to Tiara, Chobits, you name it. The other booth of interest is the Malaysian Macross Fan stall with models of the various Macross crafts particularly those from the latest Macross Frontier. A Gundam building contest is one of the events going on as well.






(4) Karaoke Contest

Karaoke contest today. Opinions are mixed. On one hand I can safely say 80% (90% if I'm mean) can't sing to save their life. I either have to admire their bravery and guts to go up in front of a few hundred people and sing with broken high notes, out of pitch, or totally messed up the beautiful songs that anime can provide. There were a few shining moments, those that can sing can realllyyy sing. But overall it was just an ear splitting experience, doesn't help that the hall is not sound proof and the din from the booths mixed in with the singing, and again the bad sound system all contributed to quite a fracas.


(5) Board Games and Maid Cafe

A slew of board games challenges (Zooloretto, Settlers of Catan, Jungle Speed) were ongoing throughout the day. A Go competition was running at the same time. A maid cafe was also being run at one corner of the hall. Didn't go in to take a look but judging from some of the wandering maids they don't look half bad. This was unlike the creepy feeling of realising that 2D cutesy girls in maid costume works better as they are than their 3D counterparts when I was at Singapore.

(6) Chihari Minori Q&A and Concert

Guest star for the event is of course the much touted seiyu Chihari Minori who played various animes most famous of course being Nagato Yuki in Haruhi Suzumiya. She was holding a Q&A session today with a concert tomorrow. Both events are pay events though so be ready to fork out a minimum of RM50 for seats and RM250 for exclusive access to the voice actress including posing Q&A and getting her autograph.





for those that missed the events today you all still have a chance tomorrow. Further information can be obtained at the website HERE.

For additional photos of todays events check out my FLICKR Page. Oh if anyone featured in the photos wishes for a high res photo please contact me. Also thanks to those that allowed themselves to be photographed and apologies if sometimes I was caught impromptu photographing.

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