Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daicon 2009 - Cosplay Galore Part 1


Cosplaying is an intriguing form of anime/ manga fandom with people making elaborate costumes in the likes of their facourite character. Made well coupled with talent from the cosplayer, the results can be fantastic. The showing at the Daicon 2009 at Multimedia University were a testemant to how cosplay has become part of Malaysian culture as well. The participants really went all out. To me the most impressive showing were the girls cosplaying as the girls from K!-on, particularly of Mio and Yui. Guess Ritsu and the others weren't as popular. Don't see much of other more popular anime recently such as Macross, Code Geass and others. On the other hand old favourites such as Haruhi Suzumiya, Bleach and Naruto still show popular strength as can be seen in the turnout. Maids in maid costumes were beautifully done but not much of other typical costumes such as nekomimi, miko or suzimizu can be found. Other notables noticed during this saturday were the Mario Brothers, oldies but still gold more due to the infectious cheerfulness of the guy playing Mario than anything. The two Dantes were good and costume well done but they have to put more in the act to define the carefree macho guy Dante is. Others not participating in the cosplay contest can be seen throughout the convention. Cute and moe characters do dominate with a profusion of goth-loli and lolita fashion, the Ouran Host Club was also popular. Not forgetting the dancing storm trooper Danny Choo which gave quite a showing with his MJ dance and antics to the applause of the audience. Tomorrow is another day of event so expect to see more cosplayers.










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Anonymous said...

Nice closeups. Somehow these pictures bring out the human side of the cosplayers.