Monday, July 13, 2009

Daicon 2009 - Cosplay Galore Part 2


Otaku news from Malaysia always seems to be on the bad light and especially from Sankaku Complex a site well known to highlight the seedier side of Japanese visual and animation culture and lovingly take pot shots of China which must be swelling his page views each time he does that. Funny bit is that Malaysia also generates preety much bad vibes from the site blogger. The latest news is about Daicon 2009 which the web mentions about an incident where a manic otaku fan actually went up to swipe Chihara Minori's Evian water and began to execute an 'indirect kiss' by sipping the very bottle she just had taken from. The writeup can be found HERE. Oh well I wasn't there the second day so the verity of what actually happened is lost to me but I'm sure in this age and time with so many people with digital cameras, videos and camera phones there must be something floating about on the net.

Anyway, continuing my blogging with more shots of the cosplayers during Daicon 2009. Again if you are the one depicted or know of that person please feel free to contact me and I'll send the high res photos to you as thanks for posing. Here goes:









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