Friday, December 25, 2009

The Pursuit of Happyness


One day a girl had a bottle and showed it to a friend saying that in the bottle contained all her happiness and she was saving every little precious bit so that she'll always have it close to her. The friend saw her again one day crying and asked her why she was so sad. Looking up the girl in tears showed her the empty bottle and said she lost her happiness and she was without any left. The other girl stood silent, took the bottle and from her heart took a small piece of her own happiness and deposited it into the bottle. Stopping her tears, the first girl took the bottle back and asked "why?".

The reply, "We all want the fullness of happiness in our lives but then if we never know sadness or hopelessness, we'll forget to cherish it. So God gave us the means to keep on collecting happiness by tipping the bottle every so often, so that we may again find the joy of rediscovering our happiness and also to share it with others."

Remember it is the act of pursuing happiness that is the key to life and not the the end that should be valued. So share some happiness to those that don't have it and be enriched yourselves. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

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Venkatraman said...

ur topic really impressed me "the pursuit of happyness" i jus lovd the movie,,It was great,,,and your content s jus sooo touching,,,